Keller Williams rolls out real estate industry's first end to end platform, and it is a game changer.  Command isn't simply a CRM, it is much more.  In the end it will give the consumer a much different experience than they've experienced before.

Real estate companies are scrambling to keep up.  Keller William's Command features AI to assist the consumer and serve up more of what the consumer is looking for.  For instance, let's say a consumer is looking for 3 bedroom homes, with 2 car garage, in a certain part of town in a certain price range.  The AI notices that of all the listing photos they look at the most, the consumer seems most attracted to kitchens with granite counter tops and light cabinets.  The husband focuses mostly on pool photos.

Keller Williams agents like the Ellis Team will be able to serve up homes that meet the consumer's spoken and unspoken criteria.  The platform will also contain a social feed at the home and neighborhood level.  Nobody else has the neighborhood data to pull this off.  Keller Williams agents have been posting neighborhood insights in droves in anticipation of this new product release and has the data to back it up.  Now the consumer benefits by learning about neighborhoods and local businesses, not just homes in a neighborhood.

Research shows that consumers prefer neighborhood data over zip code day by a greater than 4-1 margin.  Keller Williams has it, and will release the consumer version in the 2nd quarter of 2019.

Companies like Zillow have said they are not in the real estate business and never intend to be, but if you ask agents they'd disagree.  We've been saying for awhile that Zillow intends to be in the real estate business, and once they complete the cycle of building out a platform, they will be.

Zillow wants agents to use their CRM so they can harness the consumer's data.  Keller Williams intends to keep it private and not sell it to other companies.  Once agents use their CRM, Zillow has the consumer data.  This is another reason they purchased a mortgage company, an ibuyer program, etc.  They want the data.

Keller Williams has to, but to protect the data from 3rd party companies like Zillow and others who will use your data anyway the see fit.  Remember, they are a publicly traded company, so eventually they will do whatever to maximize shareholder profit.  Keller Williams is private held and has no debt.  We don't have to sell consumer data, and never intend to.

Below is a letter from Spencer Rascoff, CEO of Zillow.  If you read the 3rd paragraph, they are telling you what their intent it, which is 180 degrees from what they've said they would never do.

Zillow Leader Stepping Down

Real estate companies are worried if they're doing enough to keep up, and they should be.  The race is on. Not for the technology, but for what the technology can do for the agent and the customer, and how it will lock-in the consumer to an eco-system and it will be game over for lagging companies.

We are in exciting times for agents and brokerages alike, and the future is being won today.  Or should I say, 3 years ago.